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Reading: Time Reborn by Lee Smolin

Time Reborn by Lee SmolinFrom the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe

Narrated by Sean Pratt

In his preface, theoretical physicist Lee Smolin asks "What is time?" and goes on to state that "This deceptively simple question is the single most important problem facing science as we prove more deeply into the future of the universe."

Occasionally, I like to read or listen to books "written for the layman" about physics, astronomy, and cosmology. Even if I don't fully understand what is being shared—as is often the case—I think I get something out of these books; if nothing else, they make aware that there is much in life that I don't understand and that this reality we live in is much weirder than I can even imagine. (Black holes … quantum entanglement … I rest my case: any reality that contains those is seriously WTF weird!) For that reason alone, the time I invest in these books is well worth it.

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Enjoying: Life in the Rockies

When we awoke this morning, we found that it had been raining overnight, and a cold fog, really unusual for here, hung over everything. We decided to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park, and ended up on the Cow Creek Trail.

When we got a mile or so up the trail, the fog lifted and the sun broke through, lighting up vividly colorful bushes and hillsides sprinkled with neon-yellow aspens. The Chokecherry bushes displayed a luscious range of colors.

The leaves of the Chokecherry bushes ranged from yellow through orange to deep red

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Who is Dayani Cristal?

A portion of the Who Is Dayani Cristal? film poster

In our current ugly politically polluted environment, sweepingly vile generalizations are being made about migrants. Stepping back for just a moment can reveal the fallacy of the arguments being made. American citizens born into families who have been here for generations commit crimes. Does this make all of us who are citizens criminals? Of course not. The truth is that most of us are good people who care about our families, our loved ones, our friends.

This documentary reveals the same truth about migrants.

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Woodworking: Windtraveler shoji lamp

My current project is in the shape of the Catalan deltoidal hexecontahedron, which is made up of 60 deltoid-shaped faces.

Thinking about my next lamp: a deltoidal hexecontahedron

I really love the deltoid shape. I like the way you can put three of these deltoids together to form a triangle, or five of them together to form a pentagon, or 60 to form a deltoidal hexecontahedron.

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